3D Walk through
3D Walk Through

Walk through the building or heritage site like you were there, explore, interact and discover.

Dolls House View

Give a whole new perspective on how heritage sites are viewed, the dolls house lets you step outside and look back into any space.

Measure in real space

3D scanning allows you to accurately measure spaces, ideal for preparing new exhibitions or fitting out new rooms.

Virtual Assisted Tours

3D tours with built in video conferencing & streaming. Allows up to 50 people to join the virtual tour and be guided through and interact with the tour guide.

floor plan view
Floor Plan View

See a heritage site in a whole new way, its like taking the roof off and peering in from above.

Interactive Hot Spots

Add images, videos, audio, 3D models and lots more. Allows users to truly interact and discover, as they explore the virtual tour.

HD 4K Images

Every project gets a full pack of high definition photos taken from any angle (up to 48MP)

Schematic floor plans

The 3D scan is within 1% accuracy of the true dimensions. No manual drawing of floor plans, eliminates errors and saves time and money.

Guided tours

Guide virtual visitors through the tour, play audio or videos when entering a space to tell the story as it is meant to be told.